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Don't have a website yet?

Don't have a website yet?

Create or reinforce your internet presence today with a modern, optimized and affordable website.

We have the right solution for your needs! We offer a complete range of solutions.

How we can help

How we can help

For those who don't want to waste time or money, we create and maintain:
- Modern, optimized and affordable websites.
- Specific content (texts, images, audio and video)
- Consistency in your online presence (website, Google Business social networks, (…)

What our customers say

I come to congratulate José Rebelo and Cristina Moura's company for the beautiful website they built for my local lodging house in Magoito. Take a look and see how beautiful it is at casadosmalmequeres.com

Hélia Paiva

Casa dos Malmequeres

I highly recommend the work of this special team! They manage to capture the essence of our projects almost without words! Punctual, serious, and honest... A rarity in today's world... Thank you.

Rita Bentick Coelho

Geo Holiday

Excellent professionals, friends, good advice, always ready to help. Thank you very much.

David Serralheiro

Restauros Defs

At Rebellica we found efficiency, professionalism and excellent after-sales service, combined with excellent design.

Paulo Raposo

Media Doulos

I loved the Master Class on Stress and Burnout. I learned a lot and I will put everything I learned into practice. The space where the master class was given is also great. I loved. Congratulations

Hélia Paiva

Masterclass Participant

More than a brand, Rebellica Tech & Media are available, dedicated and committed people with the client's vision and mission.

Filomena Mendes

CCVA Moscavide

This company was the answer to our need for someone reliable and professional to manage our website. We strongly recommend.

Armando Miguez

Life Sound Choir

Dedication, commitment, professionalism and quality of your services. Without all this, our objectives would be more difficult to achieve.

João Cardoso

CCVA Lisboa

Having a website doesn't have to be complicated with RebellicaTM

We have the right solution for your needs! We offer a range of solutions, from a simple and appealing format for the first website to the provision of professional content creation and updating services, so that your customers always find the most relevant information. We also support the positioning of your brand on social networks and in the market in general. And we still have at your disposal a range of training services, workshops or even team-building events



Practical and appealing solutions, Landing pages with own domain from €19.90/month (with annual subscription)



Service packages from €40/month



In the use of technologies, in agile methods and automation, in Productivity and Leadership

Importance of a Professional Website:

Credibility, reach, and business opportunities.

Website Development Process:

Planning, design, development, testing, implementation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Visibility, rankings, organic traffic growth.

Testimonials and Case Studies:

Client success stories, proven results.

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Want to start your business's digital transition process but don't know where to start? Do you already have a presence on the internet but need help constantly updating your content? Not sure what to do next? Are your company's internal processes inefficient, mostly manual or paper-based? Talk to us. Our consultants always have the best answer for your needs, at your own pace.

Need to learn more about the internet and digital transformation? Or do you want to review your strategy in view of the changes and opportunities that the internet presents? Count on us to introduce you to the concepts in a simple and practical way.

We offer:

  • Simple, practical and sophisticated solutions for the first steps on the internet - Landing pages with your own domain from €11.99/month
  • Partnerships with digital agencies for a complete digital experience
  • Content maintenance services from €40/month (up to 5 hours per month)
  • Custom integrations between your website and your computer systems
  • Solutions for your company's Team Building, with the perfect mix between recreational and technical components
  • Various training solutions on agility and automation
  • Conducting Real Time Strategy sessions, both in terms of Digital Strategy and in solving complex operational problems.

Agility and digital transformation

Learn more with RebellicaTM.

The hows and whys of agility and digital transformation - explained. Here's what you need to know.

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